ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering)

What is ILO?

The MovEX ILO service is a one-stop solution for project owners for fundraising. MovEX offers a customized token sale experience that allows project owners to select time periods, price ranges, and auction algorithms for the initial token sale to maximize the fundraising return. The collected stable coins will then be automatically paired with project tokens to form a liquidity pool after the token sale event. After that, MovEX’s (intelligent liquidity management service)[] will take control and automatically manage the liquidity pool for the project owners. Our liquidity management engine runs an optimizer internally, produces the mathematically proven optimal liquidity allocation under a particular utility function, and automatically adjusts the liquidity for users in a decentralized and non-custodial fashion. We help project builders avoid the hustle of manually adjusting liquidity and boost their capital efficiency and market-making returns.

Customized Token Sale

We allow project owners to customize the following options for a token sale event:

  • Time period: this is the time period for the token sale event, such as 72 hours.

  • Price range: this is the price range for the token sale event, such as ($0.1, $0.5). If the left and right bound are the same, then the token sale price is fixed.

  • Advanced token sale toolkits: Our advanced token sale toolkits offer project owners auction algorithms like Dutch auctions, Buket auctions, and liquidity bootstrap pool (LBP) to further boost the fundraising return and fairness of distribution of tokens.

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